Homescape Bathrooms

This site was designed to help consumers like you discover the incredible range of options available in both functional and decorative bathroom products. You'll find design tips, helpful practical information and links to suppliers that will make shopping a snap.

Bathroom Fixtures

A good sink helps keep your home's plumbing system running smooth and strong. Today's bathroom fixture manufacturers offer a wide range of innovative and attractive products.


Bathroom Decor

Whether you prefer a sleek and modern look or prefer a hand-carved unit with classic appeal, the perfect bathroom vanity is out there. Find it with the help of our informative resources.

Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Accessories

Experts say that people who weigh themselves every day are far less likely to gain weight than those who don't. Win the battle of the bulge by picking up a bathroom scale.

Bathroom Scales

Laundry Rooms

A good washing machine is an essential investment – not only are they convenient, they also help you save money by extending the life of your clothes. Check out the latest offerings.

Washing Machines

Bathroom Fixtures

Home spas are more affordable than ever, and more and more people are choosing to spoil themselves with a luxurious whirlpool bath. Learn more about the many options available to you.


Straight Flush

Today's innovative toilets save water and make it easy to help the environment.


Lust for Lather

Water-saving heads, body jets and shower massages. Anything is possible.


Clean Stream

From bold designs to unique finishes, you've got more faucet options than ever.


Tumble Dry

No laundry room is complete without a dryer. If you're in the market for a replacement, check out the features of today's innovative products.


Cover Your Tub

Shower curtains do more than keep water from splashing out of your shower. They're an essential part of your bathroom décor.

Shower Curtains

Soothe Your Spirits

A relaxing bath is one of life's greatest simple pleasures. Transform your tub into the bath of your dreams with these exciting new products.

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