Bathroom Accessories

Get those crucial accessories for your bathroom

Bathroom accessories are the little intangibles that really tie the room together. Not to be overlooked, bath accessories can provide an extra touch of style that can turn your bathroom from cold and clinical to welcoming and relaxing.

Essential Bathroom Accessories for Any Home

No bathroom will get very far without must-have toilet accessories like plungers and toilet brushes. However, these items don't have to be devoid of style and imagination just because they're purely functional.

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On a basic level, you can choose plungers and toilet brushes that match the color scheme you've chosen for your bathroom. If you want to go all-out, choose toilet accessories that have stylistic touches like accentuated handles – these products have more potential to create a sense of design unity than you might think. Even discount bathroom accessories such as waste baskets, toilet paper holders and toothbrush holders are available in a wide range of styles that you can use to customize the look, feel and appeal of your washroom.

Accentuate Your Bathroom with Decorative Touches

If you have kids, or if the kid in you is still alive and well, rubber duck bathroom accessories are a fun way to make your bathroom more enjoyable. The range of rubber duck bathroom accessories widely available includes everything from shower curtains to soap dispensers.

Similarly, if you've got an inner cowboy or cowgirl, western bathroom accessories add a whimsical touch. One of the defining features of western bathroom accessories is a bronze, wood-grain or burnt-orange finish, which you can easily supplement by choosing similar tiling or wallpaper.

Many people prefer bathrooms with understated appeal and a classic look. While porcelain never goes out of style, it has a formal feel that you might want to undermine a bit to make the space more inviting. In bathrooms like this, adding an ornamental display shelf is a common strategy used to house small decorative items like candles and scented soaps or bath oils without using up essential storage or counter space.

At the end of the day, remember: it's often the little touches that make the overall feel of a room really work. If you put as much care and thought into your bathroom accessories as you did into your choice of tiles, paint, wallpaper, bathroom fixtures, sinks and showers, you're sure to wind up with a bathroom that will appeal both to home residents and guests.