Bath Pillows

Keep your head afloat with a bath pillow

There's no better way to relieve stress after a long day than by relaxing in a steaming bath. Soothed by scented bubbles and the tranquil sounds of your favorite music, you'll feel the tension melt away. The only thing missing is a cozy bath pillow to support and comfort your neck. Having comforting support can help to relieve muscle aches and prevent the stiffness that comes with resting your neck on the rim of the bath tub.

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Ranging from a few dollars to over $50, bath tub support pillows are as varied as the people who use them. There are inexpensive products available for basic use or luxury items with exciting features that will have you choosing your home bathroom instead of the spa.

Buying Bath Tub Pillows

Whether you visit a local store or shop online, you'll find a pleasing variety of shapes, sizes and colors, from basic white cylinders to lips, hearts, ducks and even butterflies in a variety of colors. Bath pillows are typically made of materials like rubber, plastic, vinyl and cotton terry cloth. While smaller bath tub pillows are only meant to cushion the head and neck, larger support pillows also allow you to rest your back, and in some cases are molded to fit the contours of the body. There are even full body loungers and bath tub seat cushions if you want to target other areas of the body.

Differences in price are primarily influenced by the internal contents of the pillows, which range from air to water to massage beads. While an inflatable bath pillow is the least expensive design, it also has the least to offer. For more options, pillows that can be filled with water are a better investment and allow you to use the pillow like a thermal pack.

For your own convenience, stick to products that include suction cups to keep the pillow in place and make sure that the pillow is washable. Also, pay attention to package details that tell you whether or not the pillow is fully submersible or if some components can be damaged by water. To get started, check out reviews on brands like Spa Sister, Spacific, Pretika and Aquatopia for suggestions.

Luxury Bath Pillows

If you're looking for more than support, luxury bath pillows offer specialized features to transform your ordinary bath tub into a luxurious spa experience. For personal pampering, try a battery-powered massaging bath pillow. The Pretika Tranquil Sounds Massaging Bath Pillow also plays peaceful, natural sounds, such as Ocean Surf and Rainforest, to heighten your relaxation even further.

If you want the feel of a Jacuzzi, add a remote-controlled bath tub mat with high and low settings to create bubbles in your bath. Top off the relaxation by wrapping yourself in a fluffy towel straight from the towel warmer, and you can have a spa experience right in your own home. With such affordable luxurious bath accessories, your bathroom may just become your favorite room in the house!