Bath Toys

Find the best toys for your bathtub

Bath toys are the easiest way to entice your children to get clean — playing with a variety of kids bath toys makes bath time fun! Since bathtub toys are available for a wide range of age groups — from babies to toddlers to kids — it's easy to find something that's safe and entertaining for your little ones while they're in the bath.

Baby Bath Toys

The biggest concern when buying baby bath toys should be ensuring the safety of your child. Small parts will always be a choking hazard for babies, and toys that sink may prompt your baby to put his or her head underwater. Opt for large, simple toys that float.

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The traditional bath toy, the rubber duck, can be safe for babies as young as six months old. Some of these ducks squeak, and there's even models that change color when wet. Teething rings with suction cups that stick to the tub walls or mesh screens to scoop and strain water act as dual purpose tub toys.

As babies become stronger and more dexterous, the possibilities for bath toys increase. Some more advanced toys can squirt water, while others can move along the surface (without batteries). And don't forget about toys that make bubbles for extra bathtub fun!

Bath Toys for Children

Bathtub toys don't have to be just for fun — they can make bath time a creative learning experience as well! For example, Fisher Price bath toys are typically educational as well as entertaining.

Remember those color-changing ducks for your baby? Now they can be used to show your young child the effects that changes in temperature can have. A squirt toy paired with a target that suction cups to the bathtub wall can help your child improve hand-eye coordination while trying to beat his or her previous bath night's score!

A tub paint kit is a nontoxic, nonpermanent way for children to express their artistic sides, and they'll have just as much fun cleaning up with sponges afterward!

Create bubbles, practice shapes or colors or letters, or find a water-based game that you and your child can play together while they enjoy their bath. Bath time can be both a learning experience and a time for bonding with siblings or a parent, so take advantage of it.