Bathroom Scales

Find the perfect weigh scale for your bathroom

Anyone interested in keeping track of their weight on a regular basis would benefit from investing in a good bathroom scale. Bathroom scales can help whether you are looking to lose, gain or maintain body weight because they are a quick, convenient way to keep an eye on your progress.

Choosing a bathroom scale begins with deciding what you want out of a scale. If you just want to check your weight on a regular basis, it's best to look for simple-to-use bath scales that don't have a lot of extra features. If you're looking for a scale that will be able to calculate other indicators of overall health, such as body mass index or body fat percentage, expect to spend some time for the initial setup (inputting information like height, gender, age, etc.).

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Digital Bathroom Scales

A conventional scale doesn't require any batteries or programming, and it's simple to use, yet people are overwhelmingly choosing to buy digital scales over analog ones. That's because digital scales are largely considered more accurate and have a host of additional features that can help you and your family manage their weights — from BMI measurements to programmable settings for each family member, allowing you to analyze data for several people over a period of time.

The formula most residential bathroom scales use to measure body mass indexes is considered inaccurate by most physicians. However, a scale that measures body mass can still be useful — as long as the readings are consistent, they can help you measure progress over time. However, keep in mind that pregnant women and people with pacemakers should not use weigh scales that have body fat instruments because the electrical pulses can interfere with the fetus' development or the pacemaker's functioning.

Best Bathroom Scales

There are a couple main qualities to look for no matter what type of scale you want. First of all, consistency will instill confidence that the scale is accurate. If you're testing out a scale in a store, it should show the same weight each time you step on it. Try it out a couple of times, if you can.

Also, look for a scale that has a large readout. If you're looking at conventional scales, opt for one with a magnified reading. Digital scales should give a large, clear reading; some even have a backlit LCD display so that you can easily see the number.

For best results, scales should always be used on a hard, flat surface, so place your scale directly on the bathroom floor, not on a bath mat or towel. And make sure you're not leaning on the sink or a towel rack, as this can also interfere with the reading.