Shower Caddies

Essential accessories for your shower

Shower caddies have become the ubiquitous accessory of college co-eds who need to bring their shower accessories with them to the shared showers, but they've also gained popularity in the average household. Shower caddies are baskets that often have stacked rows of trays and even hooks where shower accessories — from shampoo to razors — can reside.

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Advantages of Shower Caddies

Shower caddies leave your shower simple. No longer will you have bunches of bottles and slivers of soap along the bathtub rim — your shower caddy holds everything you need for the shower, keeping it conveniently together and out of the way.

Also, because there will be fewer items along the bathtub rim, there will be less soap scum and mildew buildup, making your shower cleaner than ever before. Plus, caddies are most often made of mesh (if they're portable), or brass, chrome or stainless steel (if they're meant to remain in your shower), which makes them resistant to dirt and mildew and makes for easy cleaning — just rinse them off in the shower.

Types of Shower Caddies

Shower caddies come in a variety of different styles. Which you choose will depend on your price range and the features you're looking for.

The simplest shower caddies are mesh bags or baskets with one main pouch where your shower accessories go. Sometimes these have a drawstring or multiple pockets, but they are best used as a portable solution for when you need to be able to transport multiple items to and from the bathroom. These types of shower caddies are especially useful in dorms or when you're visiting or camping.

The bigger, more durable versions of shower caddies are usually baskets made of plastic or rust-proof metal. Over the door shower caddies typically can hold much more than a regular mesh bag and also have multiple layers to properly distribute and store all of your necessary bathroom accessories. They can even be purchased to match your other shower door accessories, such as handles, for a more cohesive, decorative look.

Also popular for home use is the shower shelf. This type of shower caddy is a semi-permanent enhancement to an existing shower to create a ledge on which bottles, razors and soaps may be stored. Shower racks are also available and provide greater space for shower accessories. Often hung from the shower head, racks consist of two or three shelves for shampoo, body wash and other bottles, as well as hooks for hanging loofahs, shower caps and other such accessories.