Shower Radios

Bathroom radios and clocks for the shower

Adding simple accessories like shower clock radios and other music devices to a home bathroom allows you to create an atmosphere that complements your unique style. Whether you're starting the day with a refreshing shower or ending it with a warm bath, bathroom radios can help you relax while listening to your favorite tunes and radio shows. So, the next time you sing in the shower, you won't have to do it alone.

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Bathroom Radios

While you can set up any mini radio or portable music device in the bathroom temporarily, many electronics companies have recognized the need for a more permanent solution. Unlike standard devices, bathroom radios are made with waterproof materials that prevent leakage and protect the batteries and other components.

Bathroom radios can incorporate various features, such as CD players, mp3 connections, clocks and earphone jacks. You can also pair standard radios with separate mountable bath clocks, so you'll never lose track of time in the shower.

Many shower radios are designed to hang from the shower head or attach to the wall tiles using suction cups. Some homeowners choose to go a step further and install customized, built-in music devices in creative ways, including special wall tiles that function as small slide-out drawers. No matter what style you choose, be sure to locate the radio in a spot that is easily accessible to everyone who uses the shower.

Top Designs

Shower radios are offered in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, but the additional features and the type of device being used account for major price differences. Basic analog radios are as low as $10, while digital models are more costly, and CD shower radios or high-quality waterproof mp3 docks/holders are the most expensive.

If you intend to buy a pricier device, always look for reviews of the product first to confirm its functionality and durability. When the device accommodates external components such as CDs and mp3 players, it is important to purchase models that don't have leakage problems. Also, be on the lookout for reviews of the sound quality and volume capacity, as the radio needs to be loud enough to be heard clearly over running water. For greater convenience, focus on designs with simple controls that can be manipulated easily, even with slippery hands and water in your eyes.

To help consumers make smart decisions, many websites like publish lists of the top products. Both Sony and Sangean produce highly rated digital shower radios with good reception, 10 station presets, optional hanger and built-in clocks. Many Sony shower radios also include the Weather Band feature, which provides instant access to weather information.

Other Accessories

In addition to radios, you can equip the shower with other stylish accessories, such as mirrors, caddies and soap dispensers. What you include is up to you; just remember to look at function as well as style. Choose accessories with features that make your life easier and more enjoyable, and you can't go wrong.