Soap Dispensers

Cleanup is quick and easy with a soap dispenser

While many people still associate soap dispensers with public and business restrooms, soap dispensers are a convenient and sanitary way to wash your hands even in a private residence. In fact, soap dispensers are becoming popular additions to home bathroom accessory collections.

Liquid Soap Dispensers

Soap dispensers sound like a simple product, but there's actually a large variety of residential types available. You can choose between an automatic liquid soap dispenser and a manual pump. You'll also have to decide if you want a dispenser that sits on your bathroom countertop or one that mounts to the wall. Wall soap dispensers are great solutions for smaller bathrooms with limited counter space, but they are a more permanent décor fixture and require some tools and effort to install.

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The two most common types of soap dispensers are the cartridge soap dispenser and the bulk soap dispenser. Cartridge soap dispensers are cheaper at initial cost and easier to use and maintain since they basically consist of a bag of liquid soap inside the dispenser casing. You can easily replace the bag of soap without a lot of mess or hassle. However, because they require specific soap cartridges, they don't offer the same variety of options, and you may have to order replacements specially.

Bulk soap dispensers are more economical since you pour the soap directly into the reservoir. This allows you to buy soap in larger containers for a cheaper cost, and also provides the option of using a wider range of soap products. The drawback of bulk soap dispensers is that they only last about five years because the seals around the valve break down.

Other Dispensers

Several other common household products can also be used in a dispenser. For instance, lotion dispensers and shampoo dispensers work in the same way as soap dispensers. Instead of having to fumble around with bottle caps or messy squirt bottles that can clog, dispensers give you easy access to your lotion, shampoo, conditioner or even shaving cream. You can even find multi-unit dispensers that mount in the shower and hold all your common bath products.

An added benefit is that dispensers are easy for elderly people or people with disabilities to use. Loss of strength or dexterity due to arthritis, muscle and joint deterioration or other ailment can make opening bottles or pressing standard pumps difficult, but with a one-touch or hands-free dispenser, your bathroom becomes far more user-friendly.