Toilet Paper Holders

Find the perfect holders for your toilet paper

It's something most people don't think about until they have a problem — what holds their toilet paper. But if you take the time to decide the best way to hold this necessary bathroom product, you can save yourself and your guests some frustration.

Mounted and Recessed Toilet Paper Holders

The two main types of residential toilet paper holders are mounted and recessed. Mounted toilet paper holders are porcelain, chrome or another material that is attached to the wall and protrudes enough for a roll of toilet paper to fit — at least a few inches. Mounted toilet roll holders can be as simple as the common plastic cylinder with a spring inside that fits between two mounted pieces, but the springs in these types of setups can wear out, making for a frustrating moment when you pull on the toilet paper and the whole apparatus falls down onto the bathroom floor. A better option is a wall-mounted unit with a single extension onto which the toilet paper roll can slide. Typically, the bars are longer than a toilet paper roll and curve slightly at the end so that the toilet paper won't slip off.

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Second, there are recessed toilet paper holders. Recessed toilet paper holders are built into a house to provide a seamless transition with the rest of your bathroom decor. The borders of a recessed toilet paper holder are flush with the wall, but mark a small cavity into which the toilet paper roll can be nested. There's still a bar that you slip into the tube to attach it to the holder, but this gives you a more professional quality to your bathroom and doesn't leave unsightly or dangerous protrusions.

Standing Toilet Paper Holders

Toilet paper stands are becoming more popular in residential areas, since they allow homeowners to express some creativity in their selection. From bamboo to stainless steel and from simple poles to novelty toilet paper holders in the shape of an animal, a mythical creature or a beloved character, you can find a large variety of standing toilet paper holders. These holders can be an advantage to anyone who doesn't want to alter their walls, or to anyone with pets or young children — there will be far less toilet paper unrolling when the rolls are in a stand.