Toothbrush Holders

Find the right holder for your toothbrush

When remodeling rooms in your home, even the smallest accessories present opportunities to express your unique tastes. Bathroom accents like toothbrush holders help you to create a complete, seamless design, while also reducing bacteria by keeping different bathroom items separated. Where you put your toothbrush is more important than you think, so consider buying a new holder while you're in a decorating mood.

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Choosing Bathroom Toothbrush Holders

The obvious way to begin your search is to match toothbrush holders to the existing decor and accents. Toothbrush holders are made from a wide variety of materials, including plastic, ceramic, bronze and even crystal. Many bathroom accessories are sold in sets, but if you're interested in a more customized look, focus on similar colors, shapes and fixtures. For example, if your bathroom features a sleek, modern design emphasizing smoothness and silver accents, a chrome toothbrush holder would be a suitable match. The material a holder is made from will be the greatest influence on cost, as holders made from brushed nickel, penshell, marble, crystal and oil-rubbed bronze are often considered luxury and may run as high as $200.

The atmosphere of the bathroom should also be reflected in the accents. Ceramic toothbrush holders lend a warm touch to a homey room, and some models locate the brushes in holes around the rim so there is room in the center for other items, such as toothpaste. Charming hand-crafted pottery toothbrush holders often feature floral and nature prints and are readily available for under $20. For every theme, there are accessories to match, so be creative and don't stop looking until you find that perfect fit.

Toothbrush Holder Designs

Toothbrush holders may be freestanding or mounted, and may hold multiple or individual brushes. Freestanding holders can be simple tumblers or figurines, but the latter usually hold only one to two brushes. Wall-mounted toothbrush holders can be the traditional plate with four holes, a fixed base with a tumbler or a tumbler attached by suction cups.

A growing trend for mounted holders is the Venetian style, which includes a tumbler on a base and resembles an ornate mounted candlestick holder. Typically made in bronze, nickel or chrome, Venetian toothbrush holders add sophistication and elegance at an affordable price.

Mounting with suction cups is common for travel toothbrush holders. However, some models only adhere to tile and other extremely smooth surfaces, and you should also consider proximity to toilets and other germy appliances when choosing a location.

Other Types of Toothbrush Holders

In addition to the traditional holders, consider some of these other solutions for housing your toothbrush:

  • Green. For an environmental approach, use natural and recycled products such as bamboo holders and colorful recycled glass tumblers.
  • Antibacterial. Manufacturers like Germ Guardian sell combination holders and sanitizers that keep your toothbrushes covered while fighting harmful bacteria.
  • Road-ready. For traveling and added safety benefits, use travel toothbrush holders that are brush caps or full covers. If buying a full-cover holder, look for products with a vented base for faster drying.
  • Kid-friendly. Funny figures and character holders like Spongebob and Hello Kitty are great ways to personalize a child's bathroom. It's also smart to stick to plastic and other kid-friendly materials.

Buying toothbrush holders for your home shouldn't be a complicated task, but as is the case with all home projects, a little time and effort yields a room to be proud of.