Waste Baskets

Find the best trash cans for your bathroom

The places where you dispose of trash may not seem important, but waste paper baskets are one ingredient in a recipe for a bathroom that is both stylish and functional. Bathroom waste baskets can be as simple or detailed as you want them to be, but they should enhance your bathroom design and add distinction. Gone are the days of the plain plastic bin; there's now a wide variety of options in the world of trash receptacles.

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Purchasing Bathroom Garbage Cans

The variety of trash cans is virtually endless, ranging from a few dollars for plastic waste baskets to hundreds of dollars for designer models made of materials like leather and recycled metal. Other popular materials for bathroom garbage cans include wicker, stainless steel, wood, resin, titanium, fiberglass, marble and ceramic. When choosing a material, consider whether it can be easily damaged by water or sticky substances (if you're not planning to use trash bags), and also think about its intended location (i.e., a master bathroom vs. a family or children's bathroom).

The type of materials and the level of detail have a significant impact on price. Understandably, hand-crafted waste baskets are usually more expensive than similar commercial products. Prices for luxury waste baskets, such as those made of crystal or hand-carved marble, are more extravagant because the materials are more costly. For a chic look at a lower cost, shop for sleek, contemporary styles with clean finishes, such as stainless steel, titanium and recycled glass. These styles also work well with different types of bathroom decor, so you won't have to buy a new one if you decide to remodel.

Whether or not you opt for a bathroom set, the room accents should be of similar design and complementary colors. When designing with a theme, search for items that create the right atmosphere without overdoing it. For a rural, country theme, focus on ceramics or handmade items. For fun-themed children's bathrooms, choose bright colors and prints with animals or cartoon characters. Bamboo and wicker waste baskets are often incorporated into tropical and Asian-inspired designs and pair well with wooden blinds and woven floor mats. No matter what direction you take, stay focused on a particular vision to prevent mismatched items.

Other Ideas for Waste Baskets

If you're willing to go the extra mile for the perfect waste basket, consider unique products made by artisans or items that feature the latest technology. Here are few design solutions that are out of the ordinary:

  • Decoupage. Any scene that can be printed on paper can be featured in your bathroom. Purchase monogrammed wooden waste baskets with floral prints, antique maps and toile prints from fantastic websites like Marye Kelley, or save funds by crafting your own decoupage bathroom accessories.
  • Hand-painted. Painted waste baskets are the ultimate opportunity for customization, whether pre-decorated or adorned with pictures of your own choosing. You can also try your hand at creating your own design if you're skilled with a paintbrush.
  • Hi-tech. Companies like iTouchless issue hands-free infrared sensor trash cans that open and close automatically, keeping your hands free from bacteria. They start at $40 for a 2-gallon trash can.

They may only collect garbage, but bathroom trash cans are still an expression of your personal style. If you're willing to wade through the vast number of products to find the right one, your efforts won't be wasted.