Bath Mats

Accessorize the bathroom with a bath rug

When it comes to furnishing a room in your home, the smallest details often pack the most punch. This is certainly true of bathrooms and seemingly insignificant accessories like bath mats. A properly selected bath mat can add a lot to your decorating scheme while keeping your feet warm and dry as you step into and out of your shower or bathtub.

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Basic Bath Rugs

Most bath mats, or bath rugs, are square or rectangular in size, though they do come in a wide variety of other shapes and sizes. Quality mats will have a rubber or other non-slip backing, which will keep it from moving around once you place it on the floor.

For the top surface, select a material that is absorbent and soft. Choose cotton bath rugs for durability and quick drying. For an elegant spa bath mat, try materials like bamboo (which can be spun into a surprisingly soft fabric), silk blends or chenille.

Supplement with Shower Mats

Placed on the floor or your bathtub and secured by tiny suction cups, shower mats are meant to prevent slips and falls. Made of a sticky and durable material like rubber, a bath tub mat usually also has a textured surface to provide even more stability and help you avoid dangerous accidents. After all, a wet shower stall full of slippery soap and water can be a dangerous place.

If you have an older tub, consider shower mats made of slick porcelain. These are perfect for older people who need to take extra safety precautions while bathing, and for children who tend to be more active while in the tub. Shower mats come in a complete range of colors, sizes and patterns, so safety doesn't have to look boring!

Pulling Everything Together

Often, bath mats are sold with matching towels, washcloths and other bathroom accessories. Many bath rug sets also contain matching shower mats or shower curtains to help coordinate the overall look.

To properly preserve your shower mat or bath rug and avoid mildew, remove and let each one dry after heavy use. For bath mats, peel them off your tub floor at least once a week to clean them and let the tub surface "get some air." It's easy to do this while you're cleaning the tub, since you'll want to scrub under the mat, anyway.

Attention to detail is what marks a superior interior design strategy. Choosing the right bath mats is an important step towards tying everything together in your bathroom.