Bathroom Countertops

Discover the countertop options for your bathroom

Bathroom countertops can be both durable and beautiful, thanks to a wide choice of materials. While bathroom counters don't have to withstand quite the level of use that kitchen counters must, they are still exposed to hazards like cosmetics, soap scum and hot appliances such as hair straighteners.

Choosing a Bathroom Countertop

It is important to consider price, appearance, durability and maintenance requirements when selecting appropriate bathroom sink counters for your bathroom remodel or addition. Of course, the countertop also needs to coordinate with the sink, both visually and mechanically. Bathroom counters and cabinets should also be coordinated for a uniform look.

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Numerous choices in bathroom countertop materials allow for a wide range of looks. Here are several of the most popular countertop choices:

  • Granite is one of the top materials for countertops due to its durability and natural beauty. It can be polished for a glossy finish or honed for a softer matte texture. Granite tiles are a less pricey option to achieve the look of granite slab.
  • Marble is more porous and softer than granite. It comes in a wide range of colorful patterns, but it needs to be sealed properly to prevent staining.
  • Limestone ranges in color from a very light beige to a golden brown. It needs to be carefully sealed to prevent discoloration, as it is even more porous than marble.
  • Soapstone is resistant to acids and water, but still must be sealed with mineral oil periodically. With its green to gray coloration, soapstone imparts a tranquil feeling to a bathroom.
  • Slate has an irregular matte surface that is appealing in a decor with a rustic theme. It is a dense and nonabsorbent material that resists stains and bacteria.
  • Engineered stone, such as quartz and lava, is a popular surface option due to the combination of natural beauty and technology to increase durability.
  • Solid surface products, including Corian and Wilsonart, are nonporous and are made of plastic resin composites. These materials are known for flexibility in design since they can be cut into any shape, and they are extremely durable, as well.
  • Ceramic tile is one of the more popular counter options at a mid-range price point; the wide range of styles makes tile a good choice for any decor scheme.
  • Plastic laminate is the least expensive countertop option; it comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

Caring for Bathroom Countertops

Cleaning bathroom vanity countertops is important for a hygienic bathroom, but make sure you have the proper cleansers and tools for the job. These will depend upon the material used; some surfaces are easily scratched or pitted and require special cleansers and softer brushes or cloths. In addition, most natural stone counters must be periodically sealed to prevent staining.

Properly caring for your bathroom countertop will not only ensure a bright, beautiful bathroom but will also keep your counter in top condition for years to come.