Bathroom Furniture

Discover the many furniture options available for your bathroom

The bathroom in just about any home is likely the most used room of all. Stylish and functional bathroom furniture can help to make the most of the space available while turning your bathroom into a relaxing retreat.

Types of Bathroom Furniture

The sink, mirror and cabinets are the most important pieces of bathroom furniture. While these three pieces are often combined into a single unit in many residential bathrooms, they can also be purchased separately, which increases the options for achieving a specific style of decor. A bathroom vanity cabinet with a cutout and space for a chair or bench is a helpful touch for those who spend a lot of time grooming or people who have trouble standing for long periods of time.

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Bathroom cabinets can be an excellent source of storage space, but if more storage is needed or a regular sink cabinet does not fit into the bathroom decor, there are other storage options. Wall-mounted medicine cabinets are perfect for storing smaller items within convenient reach. A recessed medicine cabinet can be installed so that the door is flush with the wall for a streamlined appearance. Another option for storage is to install a bathroom wall cabinet wherever space permits. Many homeowners locate a wall cabinet above the toilet, which would otherwise be wasted space.

Open shelving is a good way to increase the storage capacity in a bathroom, as well. Colorful folded towels and bathroom supplies in decorative containers can be attractive when stored on a bathroom shelf. Shelves come in a wide variety of materials, including wood, acrylic, metal and glass; choose shelving that coordinates with your bathroom decor, or choose a dramatic shelf to make a statement.

Other furniture that is small in size can also be effective as a more unconventional bathroom storage cabinet. For example, a nightstand is small enough to not overwhelm a bathroom and is a great source of storage space.

Buying Guide for Bathroom Furniture

Most furniture retailers carry an assortment of bathroom furniture; home improvement stores and bathroom supply retailers will also have a good selection. Consider shopping online for bathroom furniture, as well, but be sure to measure your space carefully to avoid surprises once your order is delivered. Be sure to factor in shipping charges when calculating the total cost of the furniture, and make sure you know what the seller's return policy is in case you need to return something.