Bathroom Mirrors

Practical and decorative mirrors for your bathroom

Every residential bathroom must contain at least one mirror to be truly functional. Bathroom wall mirrors can also be like a piece of art, contributing to the ambience and decorating scheme within the bathroom.

Bathroom Mirror Basics

Since bathroom mirrors are available in an enormous range of sizes, shapes, styles and price points, it is a good idea to spend some time researching the options. First, determine your budget for the purchase of the mirror and carefully measure the space where the mirror will be installed. Next, start perusing mirrors to see which ones fit your parameters. The Internet is an excellent place to start, as there are literally thousands of mirrors, both decorating bathroom mirrors and more utilitarian mirrors, displayed online. Plan to visit your local home improvement store as well as a glass and mirror retailer to see what is available for purchase in your area.

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Many bathrooms contain simple bathroom vanity mirrors installed above the sink, while more luxurious bathrooms might have the entire wall above the sink and countertops covered with mirrored panels. For a traditional look, add a substantial or ornate frame to give the mirror more of an artistic appearance. A bathroom in a contemporary or modern style will most likely feature wall mirrors without frames.

Bathroom mirrors can be integrated with a medicine cabinet for additional functionality. Zenith bathroom mirrors, for example, offer an extensive line of medicine cabinet mirror options.

Innovations in Bathroom Mirrors

Have you ever wondered why bathroom mirrors steam up when someone takes a shower? It's because the bathroom air heats up from the warm water mist, and the colder mirror surface causes the water vapor to condense. One of the most practical advances in mirror designs involves heating the mirror to keep it from fogging up. Mirrors with this technology are known as demister mirrors or steam-free mirrors, and they come in sizes and styles appropriate for hanging on the bathroom wall or in the shower. Men who enjoy shaving in the shower will certainly appreciate demisting shower mirrors!

Most vanity mirrors have bathroom mirror lights installed along the top or sides of the mirror; an alternative to this arrangement is to install a mirror with built-in LED (light emitting diode) lights. Designed to withstand the moisture in the bathroom, LED mirrors provide a built-in light source while also keeping the mirror surface steam-free. Some even have a built-in motion sensor to automatically clear the mirror when motion is detected.