Shower Curtains

Decorate and keep the water in with a shower curtain

You probably don't put much thought into selecting a shower curtain, but the truth is that this essential accessory has the ability to make or break your bathroom decorating scheme. Invest the time and care into selecting the right material, color and pattern for your new shower curtain and design unity will be your reward.

Your Dream Shower Curtain Design

The most fun aspect of selecting a shower curtain is choosing the color and design. No matter what look you're striving for in your bathroom, there's a shower curtain out there for you – you'll find everything from kids' shower curtains to elegantly appointed bath curtains will frilly accentuations and high style. Look for colors that match or complement the rest of your bathroom accessories, and don't be afraid to get creative. Interesting designs and patterns can add a lot to a bathroom that's otherwise understated.

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What Your Shower Curtain Is Made Of

Polyester and vinyl shower curtains are 100 percent waterproof and very affordable, but their synthetic feel and appearance don't typically fit with upscale decor. They're a better choice for showers in college dorms and first apartments, or for families on a shoestring budget.

Vinyl is ideal for kids' shower curtains; it's a material that's very adept at keeping splashes inside bathtubs rather than absorbing water the way other fabrics would. It's also a very low-maintenance material.

Fabric shower curtains give a formal look to a bathroom, but mildew can build up on them if they remain damp on a consistent basis. If you opt for fabric, consider material that has been specially treated for mold resistance or has a waterproof coating. You can also try hanging a fabric curtain on the outside of your tub and a clear vinyl curtain on the inside; the vinyl will stop splashes while the fabric looks beautiful.

Shower Curtain Accessories

Once you find a color and pattern that matches your overall bathroom design, don't forget to put as much care into selecting your shower curtain accessories! There are, literally, thousands of different shower rods, shower curtain hooks and other embellishments to choose from.

Consider a curved curtain rod, which bows away from the shower. This gives the person bathing a bit more elbow room and adds a dramatic touch to any bathroom layout. Also, think about what kind of finish you want on your rod – metal (and, in particular, polished or textured metal) gives a more formal look. Plastic, on the other hand, tends to fade into the background so you can highlight other aspects of the room.

Think about the shower hooks, too. You can get metal hooks with nicely crafted accentuations, or choose plain steel or plastic hooks. You can also skip the hooks altogether and go for a curtain that has holes cut through the material, through which the curtain rod slips.