Towel Racks

Racks, shelves and bars to hold your bathroom towels

Towel racks might seem like relatively unimportant bathroom accessories, but did you know there are all kinds of styles and materials to choose from? They can add a unique and creative touch to the look and feel of your bathroom.

Towel Rack Types

Hanging towel bars are, perhaps, the most common way to hang or display towels in a bathroom. Towel bars are horizontally oriented lengths of metal or plastic which attach to your wall and provide a place to sling wet or dry towels.

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Bathroom towel bars allow you to display clean, dry towels within easy reach or give wet towels a place to dry properly. Bars come in varying widths and are typically between 18 and 32 inches long. Make sure your bathroom towel bars are installed far enough away from the wall to comfortably accommodate the thickness of your towels; some people also like to hang washcloths alongside their towels, and you may need to leave some extra space if you want to do this.

Towel baskets, also known as towel shelves, provide a convenient and organized way to display several folded towels. Conversely, towel hooks and towel rings are good for drying wet towels and offer casual ways to store clean ones. These products have space for individual towels to hang over soft-edged hooks or rings, which are attached directly to a wall or the back of a door.

Towel stands are similar in appearance free-standing toilet paper holders. These accessories use a vertical bar – with a wide base to keep it steady – to support a horizontal bar, across which a towel can be stored at waist level. You may also add several bars at varying heights to make room for more towels. Some towel stands, known as towel warmers, even have the ability to heat a towel.

Varying Styles of Towel Holders

Keep in mind that, once you select the type of towel bar you want, you'll still have to choose a specific style. Materials range from stainless steel and brushed copper to wood and plastic.

The actual design is an important consideration, too. For a contemporary feel, try something like the Zenith towel bars by Paul Decorative. There are, literally, as many different styles of towel bars as you can imagine, so be patient if you want to find the look and style that's absolutely perfect.

Proper Placement

Before you place your rack or stand, decide on the best place to keep your towels. Of course, it makes sense to put towel holders within easy reach of bathtubs and showers, so clean towels are readily available after bathing. Some holders can even be placed in the shower itself, if your stall or tub is long enough that a towel hung at its far end won't get wet.