Explore the many types of towels for your bathroom

You've put so much thought into your bathroom, investing time and effort into picking out the cabinets and hardware, deciding on a color scheme, and customizing your sink and tub. So why throw any old bath towels in there?

With a world of choice in terms of fabric type and towel size, color and design, selecting the perfect set of bathroom towels might seem like more work than it's worth. However, it's something you should put careful thought into – towels do a lot to unify your bathroom's color and design themes.

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Popular Towel Fabrics

Look for towels with long, dense loops – they will be the most absorbent and the most comfortable on your skin. Most towels are made from weaved cotton, but there are many different types of cotton. It helps to have a basic understanding of the different cotton types that are available when selecting towels.

Egyptian cotton has a long "staple," giving it superior softness when woven into fabric. Supima (short for "superior Pima," which refers to a type of cotton grown primarily in the southwestern United States) is comparable to Egyptian cotton in softness.

Upland cotton is the type most commonly grown in America and is a very practical "no-frills" fabric. Micro-cotton is made from Sea Island cotton, which is very fluffy and absorbent.

Microfiber, not to be confused with micro-cotton, is synthetic. The threads are very thin and, therefore, microfiber towels have more threads per inch than other towels. This makes them super-absorbent and quick-drying, yet not bulky.

Choosing Towel Colors

It's tempting to buy matching sets of towels, but why limit yourself to one hue or design? Mix and match! It's a good idea to get one full set with a monochromatic scheme. To change things up, work with contrasting colors – for example, mix blues and oranges. Buy three patterned towels and three with matching solid colors. Combine black pieces with white pieces. Have some fun!

If you like some variety but still yearn for consistency, consider getting a custom set of monogram towels; the same monogram on multiple pieces will draw together any set with differing colors or patterning.

Building Your Towel Set

Towels are often sold in sets, which include pieces like bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, bath mats and even beach towels. Some sets might also include toilet seat covers and shower curtains! Even so, don't feel pressured to buy an entire collection. As with varying colors and patterns, it's sometimes fun to mix and match pieces that are made of different fibers and are different shapes and sizes.

After you've stocked your linen closet, don't forget to go shopping for bathroom accessories that add an inviting touch to your bathroom. You can supplement with towel warmers and a wide range of other creative accessories.