Relax at home with your own Jacuzzi

Jacuzzi is the most widely recognized brand name for whirlpool and spa tubs; in fact, the Jacuzzi name is synonymous for the luxury tubs. Candido Jacuzzi is credited with the invention of the whirlpool bath in the 1940s as a home-based treatment for arthritic medical conditions. The Jacuzzi company holds the patent to the first whirlpool bath, and since then, has 250 patents worldwide for other advancements in product design, pump systems, air controls and water jet technology.

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Jacuzzi Spa Products

Jacuzzi is best known for whirlpool bathtubs; in addition, the company designs and manufactures other products, including conventional bathtubs, Jacuzzi shower systems, faucets, outdoor spas, pump systems and above-ground swimming pools. The company benefited from the trend toward increasingly larger and more luxurious residential bathrooms which began in the 1980s.

The two main lines Jacuzzi offers in bathroom fixtures are the Comfort Collection and the Luxury Collection. The Comfort Collection includes the classic Jacuzzi whirlpool tub, which was one of the company's first products, as well as other rejuvenating whirlpool bathtubs with features such as targeted back jets. The Luxury Collection contains high-end whirlpool baths with special elements such as multi-speed motors, chromatherapy 256-color lighting and wave-pulse systems.

Users of Jacuzzi hot tubs provide glowing testimonials as to the therapeutic benefits of the hydro-massage features. Those afflicted with arthritis and rheumatism report significant pain relief, as do users who are seeking relief for sore muscles from overuse due to work or athletics.

Where to Buy Jacuzzi Spa Bathtubs

Jacuzzi whirlpools come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and price points. Be sure to measure the bathroom space you have available before you start shopping for spa hot tubs.

Local pool and spa dealers usually carry a good selection of Jacuzzi products and often offer special deals such as sale pricing, free or discounted delivery and installation, and payment financing. Bathroom fixture retailers carry Jacuzzi spa products, and home improvement stores also carry some Jacuzzis from the lower end of the product lines. These three types of retailers are also good sources for Jacuzzi parts, if needed.

Jacuzzi spa bathtubs are also available from Internet retailers. If you are considering purchasing a whirlpool from an online dealer, be sure to factor in shipping charges, and double check their return and exchange policy in case something goes wrong.