Find the right shower for your home

Most people spend about 10 minutes for a shower, and when you multiply that number by 365 days in a year and a lifetime of 80 years, it adds up to a whopping 4,867 hours! When remodeling or adding a bathroom with a shower, it makes sense to spend some time thinking about the choices and features available for the best possible shower experience.

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Options in Bathroom Showers

The first thing to consider in shower types is whether to choose a prefabricated unit or to have a custom shower built. Prefabricated shower stalls, which are single units molded from acrylic, fiberglass, laminate or synthetic marble, are inexpensive and easy to install. This shower option is convenient, but be sure to measure carefully to ensure that your bathroom has the space required for the shower unit.

Custom showers are the norm in mid-range and high-end residences. Most often constructed from tile, custom showers can be made to fit in almost any bathroom space, which makes a custom shower the best choice for small or oddly-shaped bathrooms. A custom shower can also be constructed in a walk-in style; this is a clean and modern look that precludes the need for shower curtains or doors.

For conventional showers, there are a number of alternatives in shower doors, including:

  • A pivot door, which is a simple piece of glass that opens out from one side of the door frame
  • A folding door, which opens and closes like an accordion
  • A bi-fold door, known for flexibility and fitting well in tight spaces
  • A frameless door, consisting of just glass to give the bathroom a clean and spacious look
  • A sliding door, which is common option for shower/bathtub combinations
  • A curved door, used in cases where a shower has one or more rounded corners

Steam showers are increasingly common, especially in more expensive homes. A steam generator heats water, which is then dispersed into the shower area as steam. A seat is installed in a steam shower, allowing you to relax and enjoy the steam to the fullest extent.

Handicap showers are available for those with special needs; these are commonly fitted with features such as bathroom grab bars, seats and adjustable shower heads.

Shower Installation Considerations

Careful measurement is key to a successful result when installing a shower. In addition, select and purchase all necessary hardware such as faucets and shower filters before starting construction, as the wide variety in these fixtures can influence the design and construction of the shower.