Have your own personal home spa

Home spas are becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms, as homeowners look for a peaceful retreat where they can relax and unwind from a busy day's stress. Available options in home spa products are plentiful, so chances are good that there is something to fit almost any budget.

Home Spa Options

One of the most coveted bathroom spa fixtures are whirlpool tubs and Jacuzzis. These specialty bathtubs contain hardware to emit soothing jets of warm water which are adjustable from a gentle current to a vigorous massage. Neck jets are usually smaller and are positioned to reach the neck muscles, while lower back jets are lower in the tub and emit larger water streams. Many tubs also contain special foot jets located near the bottom of the tub where the feet will rest. Adjustability of the jets is an important feature; this lets you vary their direction and intensity.

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A bathroom spa tub differs from an outdoor hot tub spa in several ways. Bathroom spa tubs don't require chemicals; you just fill them with water and drain them after each use. Spa covers are not required, since they are located indoors. Bathroom tubs generally fit only one person at a time; there are two-person spa tubs available, but these require a substantial amount of room inside the bathroom. A bathroom spa tub can be used as a regular bathtub when the jets are off.

Visit a spa or bathroom showroom and inspect the different models available. Carefully measure the space available in your bathroom prior to your visit, so you know which models will fit. Check out the controls on each spa tub and ensure that they are easy to operate and contain all the features you're looking for. Also be sure to check the noise level; in general, the quieter the operation, the pricier the spa tub will be.

Another popular bathroom spa fixture is a shower spa, which comes in several varieties. The simplest is a series of showerheads at varying levels that replaces the traditional single showerhead. At the higher end, shower spas include features such as steam, massage jets, iPod ports and telephone jacks.

Spa Installation Considerations

The installation of a spa bathtub is a complex process which requires major plumbing and electrical work. It is probably best left to a professional, since a quality spa tub is a major investment which should be properly installed for best results.