Laundry Rooms

The accessories required for the perfect laundry room

Well-designed and fully stocked laundry rooms make the task of washing clothes easier and more efficient. Homeowners are trending towards multifunctional laundry rooms that offer space for working on small home improvement projects or finishing up the sewing and ironing in addition to doing laundry.

To accommodate this flexibility, it's important to plan the usage of space in your laundry room very carefully. One tip the experts favor is that you think of laundry rooms like kitchens: tuck the appliances in the corner spaces or natural gaps in your layout, and leave plenty of floor and counter space.

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Handy Laundry Room Design Hints

Making the most of your laundry room space is the key to a maximally functional design. If you have front-loading laundry equipment, this gives you an advantage. You can easily add a retractable counter for sorting and folding laundry which lowers over top of your washer and dryer. Also, it's a good idea to mix up open and closed storage spaces. This gives you the flexibility to store frequently used items like laundry detergent, stain removers and fabric softeners within easy reach.

When designing laundry rooms, many people forget to consider lighting. Don't make your laundry room lighting an afterthought, especially if you plan to use the room for more than washing clothes. Spread the lighting out throughout the room, and don't discount using recessed or track lighting just because you're in the laundry room. These can both enhance the usability of the room to a significant degree.

Essential Laundry Room Accessories

After you've carved out space for your washing machine, dryer, laundry sink and counter space, it's time to take care of the laundry room accessories. These products make laundry day fly by free of hassles and headaches.

A laundry basket makes it easy not only to transport dirty clothes into the laundry room, but also to sort your whites, darks and colors. Typically, people just toss their soiled items in a laundry hamper with little regard for the extra work they're making on laundry day, so a quick and reliable sorting system can save you some time.

If you have a large family or an unusually high volume of laundry to take care of, a laundry cart can save you a lot of trouble. Instead of lugging individual loads down to the washer and dryer in laundry hampers, you can simply cart from room to room, collect what you need and sort everything all at once.

Given that laundry rooms are meant for chores, it helps to take the time to plan an efficient design. You'll save a lot of time and labor in the long run.